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The Impact of Loss by Suicide

The world lost an incredible actor last week. Robin Williams had the ability to make you feel like you knew him. Whether he touched your life through his comedy genius or his more serious roles, I think almost everyone has a favorite Robin Williams’s movie or comedy bit. His death by suicide was shocking and […]

I Thought I Was Doing So Good…

About a year and a half after my mom’s death I was in a grocery store looking for some spaghetti. It was a ‘good’ day, as I recall, nothing unusual about it. Although mom died pretty suddenly and her death led me on quite a powerful experience of grief, I had progressed well on my […]

Movie Recommendation for the Weekend

Admittedly, I am a sap for Hallmark Movies. Most of their movies tend to deal with some aspect of grief and loss, but always with  a large dose of hope. Tune in this weekend for The Color of Rain, the true story of two young widows. After they lose their spouses to cancer within two weeks of one another, […]

Expand your Social Circle

Loneliness can be one of the biggest challenges facing those who have lost a spouse/partner. For some, grief can completely change your social circle. And on top of that, your friendship making skills have probably atrophied over the years. You may be thinking, “How do I meet people?”. Here are some suggestions: Check out your local […]

So Much Bigger Than the Death of My Loved One…

When I was much younger I played tackle football with my two sons, Josh and Justin. We had such a wonderful time. It brings back such fond memories of the three of us ‘driving’ down the field, scoring touchdowns and the imaginary crowd going wild. We would spend hours playing. Then I turned older, my […]