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Donate Thrifty Treasures Today - April 24

Donate Thrifty Treasures Today - April 24th


Step 1: Clean Your House

Step 2: Decide What Stays and What Goes

Step 3: Package & Deliver To Horizon (Katy Corey's Office)

Step 4: Purchase Thrift Items (like these!) at the Horizon Spring Cleaning Sale (April 30th - May 1st) 


Step 5: Pat Yourself on the Back!  You Just Helped to Purchase Pill Boxes for Patients!

Don't wait until the last minute to bring in your thrift items.  We are accepting any-and-all items (with the exception of clothing and used stuffed animals) up until Friday, April 24th at 3pm.  Help us 'resale' for a good cause!  

Proceeds will pay for pill boxes for our home care patients. 


  • Knick-knacks (vases, frames, clocks, photo albums, etc.)
  • Jewelry 
  • Books & DVDs 
  • Kitchenette Items (bowls, casserole dishes, mugs, table cloths, etc.)
  • Board Games & Puzzles (with all pieces)
  • Art Supplies (stamps, paints, brushes, etc.)
  • Outdoor Gear (flower pots, hoses, bird houses, etc.)
  • Seasonal Décor

Horizon is turning the NE Conference Room into a hand-me-down thrift store (April 30th - May 1st)!  

Any of the items that do not sell on April 30 - May 1 will be brought to Good Will.  

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